Iranttl Co. is established at 1/1/2011, in Tehran, IRAN,

as a commercial and architectural company.

Iran ttl co. is a subgroup of a family company which are set in a multi-storey building and each floor belong to separate partition. mention company`s subgroups are as below:
1. Iranttl Co. (commercial and architectural)
2. HAML E VAREDAT IRAN CO., S.A., (international shipping)
3. Istco S.A (shipping agency)
4. Taghdisaz(civil company)
5. Havi Complex (warehouse-located in Bandar Abbas)
6. Cyclet part warehouse (located in Tehran)


Iranttl Co. expanded its activity in Natural stone and House renovation at 3 levels:

a) Industrial
b) luxury
c) Economic

Natural Stones:
There is a lot stone mines, Iranian stone has a good character in international market so because of this worthy nature beneficially in our country we start activity in this spite of economic crises we could achieve big steps and we are now exporting luxurious slabs and tiles of our beautiful country to internal market and other countries such as Australia and gained and have a good reputation in Australian market, for we provide the most beautiful stones with best quality..
House renovation:
Iranian people tend to keep their old structure but renovate them consequently with a team of talented and visionary designers our company is taking a huge step towards its main goal, to present Iranian families with best and most beautiful houses.

Our head quarter and show room are located at main luxury center of interior design stock market in Tehran. Our showroom is 170m2 studio flat.