We have taken part of some major projects such as:

  • Naghshe jahan sport complex( around 15000m2)
  • Dashte nour (1200 villa unit)
  • Metro Stations at Tehran( as P2K4 station, W1 and D1 stations),at Shiraz(G1,CH and P1 stations ) and at Karaj (Q2 and C2 stations)
  • Mashahd Military base ( around 15000m2 Granite & 15000m2 Travertine)
  • Booshehr power plant ( around 15000m2 Travertine)
  • Residential Aghdasieh project(full terms)
  • Privet projects  (full terms bathroom furnish – natural stone for inside and outside)
  • Australia restaurant bar
  • Australia sport complex